The Tasting Class Supper Club Series - At Home with The Tasting Class

JACOB’S CREEK and The Tasting Class

Join us for The Tasting Class Supper Club Series, an extraordinary culinary adventure in partnership with Jacob’s Creek. We’ve collaborated with renowned chefs in Dubai to bring their culinary expertise to Our Table.

Embark on a new, unique and intimate dining experience each month, where the chef and sommelier will host you as though you were in their own home. It will be a meal of storytelling, cooking inspiration and expert wine pairings with Jacobs Creek. Seating is extremely limited for these experiences.


Event Details:

Duration: 8 months. One per month from November 2023 – May 2024
Location: Private location in Jumeirah 1 (near City Walk)


What to Expect:

  • Monthly Culinary Themes: Every month, we explore a different theme, taking you on a captivating gastronomic adventure around the world. From the rich flavors of Italy to the spicy delights of Asia, each theme promises to be a delightful journey for your taste buds.
  • Meet the Chefs and Their Restaurants: Our Supper Club Series bridges the gap between renowned chefs and our guests. You’ll have the unique opportunity to interact with the chefs, hear their stories, and gain insights into their culinary adventures. Discover the secrets behind their menu creations and culinary inspirations.
  • Educational and Entertaining: We believe that dining should be both educational and entertaining. Each event promises a delightful fusion of knowledge and entertainment, with exclusive insights and behind-the-scenes glimpses into the culinary world.
  • Exquisite Jacob’s Creek Wine Pairings: Elevate your dining experience with the perfect wine pairing provided by our main sponsor, Jacob’s Creek. Discover the harmony between exceptional dishes and exquisite wines.

Event Schedule & Tickets:

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Book your ticket today and prepare to embark on a unique culinary journey with The Tasting Class Supper Club Series, featuring the exceptional wine pairings by Jacob’s Creek. Let your taste buds savor the flavors of the world in the comfort of your home while raising your glass to unforgettable moments.

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For inquiries and more information, please contact us at [email protected] or 050 918 6761.

Join us for a culinary and wine adventure that will leave you craving for more. See you at The Tasting Class Supper Club Series – At Home with The Tasting Class!