TTC Supper Club: Episode 8 with Chef Alexander Stumpf from BB Social Dining, Dubai



Venue : Private Location (near City Walk), Dubai

Date : Sunday, 5 May 2024

Time : 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm UTC+4

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BB Social Dining’s Epicurean Journey with Chef Alexander Stumpf

This immersive dining experience will take you on a remarkable gastronomic adventure, guided by the renowned Executive Chef, Alexander Stumpf, an exceptional culinary talent who has masterfully crafted diverse and tantalizing menus throughout his career. As you savor the innovative and globally inspired dishes that span continents and cultures, we invite you to elevate your dining experience even further with the expert guidance of Lindsay Trivers and our exclusive wine partner, Jacobs Creek. Lindsay will lead you through a curated wine tasting journey that perfectly complements Chef Alex’s culinary creations, ensuring each bite and sip harmoniously dances on your palate. We look forward to indulging your senses in a symphony of flavors and wine, seamlessly blended in a memorable evening of epicurean delight.



Tuna Crispy Rice
Spicy tuna tartare with caviar on a pillow of crispy rice

Wagyu Beef Tataki
Thinly sliced wagyu beef, truffle mayonnaise, perlage and ponzu

Miso Grilled Seabass
Salt grilled, saikyo miso risotto, green chili, tomato and mint

Fluffy doughnut made from the bao, dusted in sugar,
served with chantilly cream and strawberry jam

What to Expect:

  • A welcome drink
  • 3 glasses of Jacob’s Creek Premium Wines
  • A guided lesson by Lindsay Trivers from The Tasting Class
  • A curated tasting menu of sharing dishes from Chef Alexander Stumpf
  • Something sweet and a digestif to finish!


About Chef Alexander Stumpf:

Chef Alexander Stumpf, a German expat with nearly two decades in the region, is an Executive Chef and Co-Founder of various successful restaurants. With a background in classical French cuisine, he has developed his culinary expertise to create diverse menus that cater to global tastes. Working with renowned chefs and leading kitchen teams in different countries, he has established a proven track record in managing and launching new projects. His experience encompasses fine-tuned cooking techniques, artistic skills, and precision in kitchen operations. Through his establishments like BB Social Dining, Soule Soups, and Philotimos, he brings together diverse culinary influences, incorporating Far-Eastern and Middle Eastern flavors to appeal to a wide range of diners. Chef Stumpf’s ability to blend tastes from different cultures is prominently showcased in his unique and innovative restaurant offerings, marking him as a notable figure in the culinary scene.


BB Social Dining: A Fusion Culinary Odyssey in DIFC and Abu Dhabi

BB Social Dining, a culinary gem co-founded by Chef Alexander Stumpf, is a restaurant that stands out in the vibrant culinary landscape of DIFC and Abu Dhabi. This establishment breaks away from traditional perceptions, offering a unique and exciting Far-Eastern menu. At BB Social Dining, diners embark on a culinary journey that includes an array of bao buns, bites, bowls, and barbeque dishes, all thoughtfully crafted to cater to various dietary preferences, whether it’s for vegans, vegetarians, or carnivores. The restaurant’s fusion of Far-Eastern and Middle Eastern ingredients provides a fresh perspective on culinary innovation and leaves a distinctive mark on the dining scene. Chef Stumpf’s creative genius and passion for culinary arts shine through in the remarkable flavors and dining experiences offered at BB Social Dining.

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Please Note:

  • All our experiences include measured samples of carefully selected beverages, and we do not provide ‘free-flow’ or brunch experiences.
  • We will not be able to accommodate special requests of dietary concerns on this menu.
  • Tickets for this event will close at 0900hrs the day prior to each event date, or earlier if sold out.