Wine Club - March 2023

Wine Club Event MAR 2023


Venue: Top Chef Cooking Studio, Jumeirah 1, Dubai
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Date: Sunday 19 March 2023

Time: 7:00pm

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We’ll meet again at Top Chef Cooking Studio for the next Wine Club session on 19th March. See you there!

Theme for March 2023: Old World vs New World

You’ll need to buddy off for this one. One partner will being a wine from the old world and the other from the new world. Partners will create a comparative tasting of the same grape variety, or similar blends from the two areas. At the tasting we will guess the variety of the wine, and which world they come from.

If you’ve already been planning you wine with a partner, you can let me know who your partner in the booking form. I will issue partners to everyone else as the bookings come in and put the partners in contact with one another to decide on their pairing.

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