Wine and Food Pairing Tips - What Grows Together Goes Together

By Lindsay Trivers August, 31 2023

Unveiling Culinary Alchemy: What Grows Together, Goes Together – Secrets to Wine and Food Pairings

Hello wine lovers! If you’re anything like us, you’ve probably heard the whispered wisdom of “What grows together, goes together.” It’s like a secret code to unlocking the world of great food and wine pairings that have been hiding in plain sight for centuries. A simple yet profound concept has been a guiding principle in the world of gastronomy, shaping the way we savor flavors and create harmonious dining experiences. We’ve written a bit about food and wine pairings at The Tasting Class, from Valentine’s Day food and wine pairing ideas, wine and food pairing ideas with Jacob’s Creek, we’ve even written something on food and wine pairing ideas during isolation – still relevant outside of iso, btw! This post, though, takes you on a journey of three distinct parts of the world where the principles of ‘what grows together goes together’, like almost everywhere else, ring loud and true. So, grab your glasses and let’s get stuck in.

Examples of Great Food and Wine Pairings to Get Your Mind Salivating 🙂

Portuguese Coastline Extravaganza: Amêijoas à Bulhão Pato and João Portugal Ramos Alvarinho

Picture Portugal’s picturesque coastline stretching nearly 2000 kilometers along the Atlantic. It’s no surprise that seafood is a cornerstone of Portuguese cuisine – and we’re not talking about your average shrimp cocktail. Amêijoas à Bulhão Pato, is a dish that captures the essence of this coastal nation. Clams, garlic, olive oil, and white wine unite to create a symphony of briny flavors, evoking the sea’s embrace. Like a salty breeze from the Atlantic swirled into a plate.  To complement this delightful dish, we’ve selected the João Portugal Ramos Alvarinho, a gem from the north of Portugal’s Vinho Verde region which we picked up from the Bottle Store Outlet in Al Ghadeer. Sourced from the Monção E Melgaço subregion, this wine exudes minerality and a subtle touch of saltiness – see where we’re going here? With its vibrant lemon character, the Alvarinho mirrors the dish’s tangy notes – it’s like squeezing a lemon over a seafood dish, only classier. Seafood lovers, you’re welcome.

Argentina’s Sizzle on a Plate: San Pedro 1865 Malbec and Asado Extravaganza

Ever fancied yourself a gaucho? Taming the wild plains of Argentina and tending to your herd under the stars? Just me?? Well, here’s your ticket anyway! In the vast expanses of Argentina, the tradition of asado, an Argentine style barbecue, reflects the rich heritage of the land. Gauchos, or cowboys, relied on salt and smoke to flavor their meat as they slow-cooked it to perfection under the starlit sky. We recently experimented with a cut known as ‘Tira de Asado’ or beef short rib, slow-cooked to tender succulence. The wine pairing? We turned to the San Pedro 1865 Malbec from the Uco Valley which we were invited to pick up from The Bottle Store Outlet in Al Ghadeer. It’s like Argentina’s soul in a bottle – notes of blueberry jam, chocolate, and even a floral whiff. Malbec is really versatile with BBQ, its rich and supple nature pairs beautifully with the robust, smokey flavors of the asado, while its smoothness mirrors the slow-cooked infusion of flavors. Best of all, the tannins are silky smooth so it’s easy to drink (a lot) over a long, asado style dining session.  Wine and meat dancing in harmony with your tastebuds. Oh yeah!. Buen provecho, amigos!

French Elegance Redefined: Confit Duck and Aurore de Dauzac

Ah, France – where culinary elegance meets centuries-old traditions. Let’s take a deep dive into the realm of confit duck, a French wonder that’s all about tender duck, rich flavors, and a touch of culinary magic. A sophisticated symphony of tastes that transport you to the vineyards of Bordeaux. To accentuate the confit duck’s allure, we chose the Aurore de Dauzac from Château Dauzac, a Margaux marvel from Bordeaux, as its companion. This wine embodies the essence of Bordeaux’s high-quality subregions, boasting power, richness, and finesse. With notes of black cherry, cigar, and a hint of vanilla, the Aurore de Dauzac mirrors the complexity of the confit duck and offers a refreshing cleanse of the palate. A match made in French heaven… So, there you have it. The notion that what grows together goes together is like a compass guiding you to wine and food pairing enlightenment. It’s a centuries old tradition that still works well when you’re thinking about wine and food pairings today.  If you’d like to try these pairings, the João Portugal Ramos Alvarinho, San Pedro 1865 Malbec, and Aurore de Dauzac are all available at The Bottle Store Outlet in Al Ghadeer who generously provided the wines for us to drink to create this content. Various recipes are readily available online.  Cheers to the magic of regional pairings wine and food pairings. Looking forward to hearing all about your own creations.  Lindsay

The Wines we tasted

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