Perfect Drinks for Dubai Patio Season

By October, 21 2018

Summer is finally over and Dubai has undergone its yearly transformation from the world’s most glamorous oven to the perfect place to kick back on the patio and enjoy a glass of wine. Whilst there are plenty of bars in Dubai offering some wonderful outdoor spaces, one of our favourite things to do at this time of year is hosting a terrace night – a low fuss and most importantly, low-cost way to remind yourself why you love the city in the first place.

But what should you be drinking this barbeque season, and most importantly, where can you buy your alcohol in Dubai at a price that doesn’t require a side order of buyers remorse?  

Italian White

If you like your wine light and fruity, then you can’t look past a good Italian. From refreshing Pinot Grigio, to dry and sharp Gavi di Gavi, Italian whites are born to accompany food, particularly if it’s salty or has lemon juice in the ingredients. One of our favourites right now is the Soave from Zonin’s Ventiterre range – a crisp riot of lemon and chamomile that’s available from MMI and Al Hamra Cellars for 40 AED ex. tax.

Or Perhaps Something From the New World

If you’re looking for a little more flavour intensity, then consider a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc such as the classic Oyster Bay (75 AED), a wine that’s packed with lime, apricot and guava, tailor-made for sunshine. Alternatively, the False Bay Chardonnay (50 AED) from South Africa’s is un-oaked therefore a more warm-weather friendly than woodier styles of Chardonnay. It’s loaded with peach, citrus, and sweet creamy notes. Both can be found at Al Hamra Cellars and MMI. The Oyster Bay can also be found at Barracuda.


Spain is typically known for producing darker rosés, however, some Spanish wine producers have been embracing the trend of making a lighter style lately. A great example of this is the lovely, lively Vina Esmeralda Rosé (70 AED from MMIAl Hamra Cellars and Barracuda). The latest release from New Zealand’s Villa Maria meanwhile is embracing a bold pop of pink and it’s practically overflowing with strawberry, cherry and watermelon notes (120 AED from Africa + Eastern and The Cellars). Alternatively, if you want something a bit more traditional, try a one from the Tavel region of France by biodynamic producer Chapoutier and embrace the earthy pepper and sour cherry notes (95 AED from MMI, Al Hamra Cellars and Barracuda).  

Chilled Red Wine

It may still get purists all riled up, but if there was ever a time and place to sip a chilled red, then it’s outdoors in Dubai. For best results focus on light, un-oaked, fruit driven sippers like the tangy and refreshing Zonin Ventiterre Valpolicella, available from MMI and Al Hamra Cellars for around 50 AED. Another wine that can be great chilled is Beaujolais like the Georges Deboeuf, available from Africa + Eastern and The Cellars for 100 AED.  


If anything needs celebrating it’s the end of the summer heat in Dubai. If you like the sound of something light, crisp and refreshing, then the Zonin 1821 Prosecco Brut (58 AED) has layer upon layer of pear, peach and white flower. Alternatively, the Pongracz NV Method Cap Classique from South Africa (70 AED) smells like freshly baked bread with and sweet apple cider. Both can be found at MMI, Al Hamra Cellars and Barracuda.

And Something for the Evening

If your heart only has room for red wine, then treat yourself to the Craggy Range Ta Muna from Martinborough, New Zealand. It’s fairly light, elegant, toasty, with mixed berry fruit, and altogether hypnotic. It’s available for about 230 AED. Another delicious red that’s not too heavy in the heat is the Chapoutier Crozes-Hermitage ‘Les Meysonniers for 120 AED. Both wines are available from Al Hamra Cellars and MMI. Wherever and whatever you’re drinking in Dubai, if you’d like more advice or recommendations on what’s available in the city’s liquor stores, then drop us a line and we’ll help you make the right choice. Better yet, let us choose for you and host a Home Tasting Experience on your terrace with us guiding the tasting. *Please note that prices may vary slightly from location to location.

The Wines we tasted

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