Food and wine pairings during isolation

By Lindsay Trivers April, 29 2020

Recent challenges have tipped on its head the way The Tasting Class would normally conduct its business. Wine, beer, whiskey, gin events and experiences in bars and restaurants have been our bread and butter up until now,  with chocolate experiences the most recent addition. However, like many businesses, we’re adapting, rolling out our courses and tastings online, developing or reinforcing collaborations or partnerships, and changing our business model to reflect a new environment. It’s been a deep learning curve but we’re excited about the ongoing outcomes these changes will deliver. 

One such partnership is a collaboration with Lidija Abu Ghazaleh of Lidija’s Kitchen where The Tasting Class will work as a content contributor and beverage consultant. 

Our first foray is a cocktail and wine pairing quarantine dinner for two. “Starting with a warm beetroot salad, followed by a juicy Tomahawk steak – most ingredients are relatively easy to source along with a few refrigerator and pantry staples. This is the time to make recipe adjustments if some of the ingredients are elusive (ie. honey instead of maple syrup, orange juice or lemon in place of fresh oranges). And if by chance there’s no one in your immediate vicinity to share a meal with, just save the leftovers for yet another (groundhog) day.”

Follow this link for the full recipe, wine and cocktail pairings and delicious images. And let us know what you think!

The Wines we tasted

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