Papa's Explore Italy

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Venue : Papas Dubai, InterContinental Hotel, Dubai Marina, Dubai
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Dates : Thursday, 9 May 2024
Time : 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm UTC+4

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Papa’s Explore Italy


Have you ever heard the saying what grows together goes together. We have teamed up with Papas to explore Italy’s rich traditions of regional wine and food pairings. For centuries, their cuisine has evolved as local products were championed, dishes were perfected, and they were paired with the local wines which in turn, have evolved to be perfect wine pairings.


Throughout this four course meal The Tasting Class will share what special about each dish, each wine and explain why they work so well together.


Please Note:

  • All our experiences include measured samples of carefully selected beverages, and we do not provide ‘free-flow’ or brunch experiences.
  • Tickets for this event will close at 0900hrs the day prior to each event date, or earlier if sold out.