Two Wines to Master any Seafood Pairing

By May, 22 2024

White wine and seafood are a classic combo, but let’s not forget that seafood has many different flavour intensities, textures, fat levels, and cooking methods that should not be overlooked when creating epic seafood pairings.


Here are two different wines that work with a vast array of other seafood dishes.


First up, we have the Sand Tropez Rosé, available from The Bottle Store in Al Ghadeer. This is a classic style of rosé from Provence, France. The name hints at its origin, just outside the coastal resort town of Saint-Tropez, giving it a natural affinity with the sea. After all, what grows together goes together. It’s dry, light, and refreshing, with subtle peach and strawberry notes and a mineral-driven finish. Its overall delicacy makes it perfect for lighter seafood dishes. This includes raw dishes like ceviche, oysters, carpaccio, sashimi, or even seared tuna. It’s also excellent with baked or pan-fried white fish, so long as the sauce or seasoning is kept on the light and fresh side.


For fuller-bodied seafood dishes like lobster and other shellfish, salmon, smoked fish, and those preserved in oil, Champagne never disappoints.


We’ve opted for the Lanson Black Label, also from The Bottle Store in Al Ghadeer. Despite being their non-vintage entry-level option, Lanson ensures that 50% of the grapes come from Grand Cru and Premier Cru vineyards, so this bottle contains some great juice. It has intense characters of fresh bread, citrus, apple cider, and a touch of honey and cheese so that it won’t get lost behind the intensity of these richer dishes. Plus, it’s high in acidity, which brings a crisp brightness that refreshes your mouth between bites.


Champagne does double-duty with battered seafood, too , as its carbonation does a super job at cleansing oil from the palate while also matching the great texture play of a crispy batter. It may not seem super high-brown but we love pairing Champagne with fish & chips, fritters, tempura and even dynamite shrimp.

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