Mediterranean Blind Wine Tasting Challange

By The Tasting Class December, 12 2016
Our last monthly Meet-Up Wine Club’s Blind Tasting Challenge was hosted on BiCE Ristorante’s newly renovated terrace. The breezy night air and the swaying gulf-side palm trees played in to the Mediterranean wine tasting theme. At the monthly blind tasting challenge we try six wines, but we don’t reveal what they are until the end. For the Mediterranean themed wine tasting we showcased wines from near southern and coastal areas of France, Italy and Spain. First and foremost, guests get a chance to find a wine they like free from the bias of knowing what they’re drinking. Secondly, guests get competitive as they accept the evening’s blind tasting challenge. The challenge changes slightly each month. This time tasters were given a clue and three multiple choice answers that they had to choose from to identify the wine. As per usual, as a group they prevailed getting five out of six correct.

The Wines we tasted

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