Can Networking Ever Really Drive Revenue?

“This was my first attempt at hosting a wine tasting for clients, and I’m sticking with it.”

Brian Wolfe
Wealth Manager
Global Eye


  • 30 Guests
  • 8 Wines
  • 1 Exclusive Venue
  • 1 Globally Recognised Sommelier


Is there an alternative to the typical networking event? One that’s social, entertaining and most importantly, drives actual revenue in the real world?

These were just a couple of the questions facing Global Eye; an independent firm of financial experts based in Dubai. They wanted something different from the standard drinks mixer – fun, memorable and exclusive, which could realistically generate new business by growing their lead base as well as fortify relationships with current clients without feeling like yet another corporate event. Initially this seemed an impossible task, but then after looking at the full range of options available, Global Eye asked The Tasting Class to host one of its signature, wine-tasting events.

“Our Sommelier was so knowledgeable with a great personality, interacting and involving people throughout”

As The Tasting Class specialises in private events and home tastings, Global Eye selected an exclusive venue on the waterfront for their first event and the wines of Australia and New Zealand as their theme. As guests arrived they were welcomed with ice-breaking drinks by a globally recognised sommelier with years of experience in the wine world, before being led through to a room pre-set for the night’s tasting.

“I’ve become better at appreciating wine and cheeses and knowing what to look out for when purchasing them.”

Leading the tasting, the sommelier introduced each wine in turn - crisp Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc, smoky Central Otago pinot noir, fruity and spicy Australian riesling and buttery chardonnay, Coonawarra cabernet sauvignon, Barossa shiraz, and even a honeyed Semillon desert wine from the Hunter Valley, explaining the unique characteristics and history of each, before matching them with a different high-end cheese or charcuterie. Guests were taught the art of blind tasting in a fun and playful way, as well as how to talk like a professional, and even select a wine - both in a restaurant and at home to match their mood or food.

Throughout the night the skilled host broke down barriers and kept guests entertained, allowing Global Eye and their guests to interact and forge relationships in a unique and memorable setting. Then afterwards the host took questions, not just about the night’s pairings, but any wine and beer related question the guests had, dispelling many of the myths and leaving guests left with a new appreciation of the world of wine.


“For more than a year The Tasting Class has been facilitating monthly events for Global Eye. Over that time, and as a result of these events, we’ve seen an increase in new clients as well as repeat business from existing customers. It’s been a real win for us .”

Brian Wolfe
Wealth Manager
Global Eye

By avoiding a hard sell and focusing instead on providing a unique, fun and social night for all, Global Eye and The Tasting Class made networking a fun event. And the proof of the pudding? Global Eye liked it so much they’ve since made it a much sought after monthly fixture, held in a different location each time.

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