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By October, 04 2016

A Look At Wines Trending in 2016

It may have been the first day back to work after the long weekend in Dubai, but there were plenty of people still ready to kick back and enjoy some wines trending in 2016 at Cocktail-Kitchen last night. As per the tasting’s theme we enjoyed several drops that are proven successes, along with a few examples pegged to be the next big thing. All the wines tasted are available at the Cocktail-Kitchen for the prices listed; and most are available from MMI and Al Hambra Cellar.


We had the Zonin Prosecco – 365 AED


  1. Torrontés is quickly establishing itself as Argentina’s white grape. It’s full of floral and spicy aromas, but is still light and refreshing to drink. It’s also very affordable; one of the many reasons we love Argentine wine in the first place. The best of this grape variety come from the highest wine region in the world: Cafayate, Salta. You can find a very good value Torrontes available in Dubai on this list.

We had the Colomé Torrontés – 330 AED


  1. Puglia – This Italian region has always produced pretty basic wine for daily, local consumption, until recently. It is increasingly being pegged as a place to find bargains as winemaking techniques adapt to make the most of this warm, dry, coastal climate. You’ll need to taste your way through the wines of this region on the rise to find the bargains. Primativo is one of the local grape varieties and we recommend giving it a try. It’s the same grape as Zinfandel in the USA, and it has sweet, warming aromas of Christmas cake and raisins.

We had the Feudi San Grigorio, Primitivo – 295 AED

Pinot Noir

  1. Pinot Noir has been on the rise for years. A study in 2014 reported that there had been a 33% rise in Pinot Noir shipments globally, and in the same year it was the second highest selling red grape, beaten only by the long established king Cabernet Sauvignon. Pinot Noirs of New Zealand in particular have been going from strength to strength, taking top accolades in numerous reputable wine competitions around the world; they are adored for their bolder-than-usual and unapologetically fruity style. There is good value Pinot Noir available in the UAE on this blog post.

We tried the Brancott Estate letter ‘T’ Series Pinot Noir – 510 AED

South of France IGP

  1. South of France IGP (Languedoc-Roussillon) – It seems like all the great wine regions of France are locked down with AOC rules that stipulate everything from how a wine has to be made to the grapes that have to be used. While the heavy legislation is important for stopping imposters and ensuring that all winemakers keep their wine quality up to snuff, it doesn’t leave much room for the maverick winemakers to be creative. There is one area that appears to be the playground of these trailblazers – the South of France. These wines will say IGP on the label which implies that they wines don’t fall into any of the traditional AOC regulations but it does ensure the wines are made to a certain quality. This area has a plethora of grape varieties and has been long been blended into bulk wine. But shop around and sure enough you will find some rich, ripe, fruity red wines.

We had the Figure Libre Freestyle. Ask for it by name at Cocktail-Kitchen as there are only a few bottles left.


  1. Vermouth is a wine that is fortified with brandy and aromatized with herbs; most notably wormwood. Cocktail-Kitchen stocks more than 50 different Vermouths (someone is ready for this trend to make it to the UAE). Europeans have long enjoyed it neat or over ice, while the American’s popularized it in classic cocktails such as the Manhattan, Old Fashioned and Classic Martini. Following the Second World War, vermouth quality dropped, and so did the public interest in drinking it. In recent times old once-loved brands have been dusted off, and new high-quality products have been popping up and grabbing attention. They are dry or delicately sweet and burst with interesting flavors that don’t overwhelm the palate with sugar.

We had the Casa Mariol Vermut Negra – 40 AED for a 60 ml pour

The Wines we tasted

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