Surviving Summer in Dubai

By May, 27 2018
Summer is fast approaching in Dubai and some things are certain – the humidity will soar, the streets will empty, and if you do walk outside it will feel like the dragons from Game of Thrones are quietly stalking you.   As well as testing the 24-hour protection claim of many deodorants, the heat also has a tendency to narrow your social options considerably, with fewer branches and outdoor events, and venues closing their patios even in the evening – making it a great time to entertain at home. So if you are staying in Dubai this summer, here are a few ideas for events held in the air-conditioned comfort of your own home, where the wine comes with retail prices and not restaurant mark-ups, with no need to call a sitter or a cab. And if you do need to leave the house, at least you know there’ll be a cold glass of wine waiting for you.  

1)Home Wine & Cheese Tasting

On the off chance that everyone you know hasn’t traded in a years’ worth of vacation and fled the country until it gets cooler, how about a home wine and cheese tasting? We come to you, complete with beautiful glassware, gorgeous decanters and some seriously fancy cheese, and teach you how to pair them in order to find the perfect match. Whatever type of wine you love, from crisp sauvignons to big and brassy Barolos, we can create the perfect evening and then take the washing up away at the end.  

2) Home Beer Tasting

As scary as it is to admit it, not everyone loves wine, which is why we also offer a home beer tasting. Our expert beer sommelier (there really is such a thing) comes to your home, wherever in the city you live, and guides you through a smorgasbord of beautiful brews – from refreshing lager, craft beer, IPA and Porters, to complex Belgian tipples and monk-brewed masterpieces. Let’s face it, you may well be turning to a cold beer or two to get you through the summer, so there’s no harm in getting acquainted with the region’s growing number of outstanding imports early on.  

3) Wine Tasting Challenge

At this monthly event, we blind taste six different wines and then try to guess what they are, plus there’s a cheese buffet – and who doesn’t love that combination of words? So whether you’re a hard-core wine buff, or just want a great value night out with friends, the wine tasting challenge is the perfect chance to meet new and like-minded people, with a little light wine education thrown in. Added to which, when you eventually do bust out your knowledge and spot that Burgundy from a mile away, the look on people’s faces will be priceless. The next one is on June 22. Get more info here.   

4) Develop your wine skills

Talking of wine knowledge, if you’re looking to take yours to the next level, we’re running a WSET Level 2 Course in July – the gold standard of world wine training. Over two weekends we’ll taste 42 wines, including a heap of top-shelf tipples and at the end of it, you’ll sit an exam to prove your wine prowess once and for all.

The Wines we tasted

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