Dubai loves Whisky and so do we!

Our most popular whisky tasting experience breaks down the differences between the world’s most iconic whisky styles. We’ll explore the taste, rules, history and distilling practices that define everything from Bourbon to Islay Single Malt.

AED 150 per person, with a minimum charge of AED 1,800 per experience.

  • Sommelier selection of 6 whiskies
  • Sommelier guided tasting and lesson that lasts 1.5 to 2 hours
  • Glencairn whiskey glasses provided
  • Tasting learning aids

*Alcoholic beverages must be purchased and handled with respect to the law. Therefore, we cannot sell or supply it. Don’t worry; we choose it and have it ready for you to collect from your favourite shop. Also, if you’ve already got a great whisky collection, we can work with what you have.

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