Grape & Cheese

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We’ll teach you about classic cheese pairings of six popular wine styles with six of the world’s most loved high quality cheeses.

Join us on a journey of six winning grape and cheese pairings that we’ve put together just for you We’ll explore some key tips for pairing grape and cheese, tell you what’s special about the different varieties you’re drinking and the six kinds of premium cheese we’ve selected to pair them with.

Here’s How it Works:

  • Pay the deposit of 2,500 AED
  • Our Sommelier will call you to discuss the wines and cheese pairings
  • We will organise for you to collect and pay for the wines from your preferred alcohol retailer
  • We will provide you with the cheese list, which you can purchase separately from any retailer
  • Your event is now organised and just need to prepare for a great night with your guests!
  • Please note: The cost of the alcohol and cheese is not included in our prices quoted, this is additional according to your budget

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